To be allowed to fish in the lakes you need to be an owner of a fishing license for the lakes. You should always bring your fishing license while fishing. In the case you are stopped by the fishing controller you must be able to show your license. If you are not able to show the license you will be reported to the police for illicit fishing.

If the fishing controller finds you with forbidden fishing gear, too much fishing gear or if you breaks any of the rules set by the fish care area you will be reported and receive a fine of 500 SEK.

You are welcome to carry out hand fishing from the shore or from the boat with fishing rod, pimple, spin, reel and fly rod. A maximum of ten angeldon is allowed and they should be marked with your name.

Trolling fishing and towing rod with deep rig alt. the trolley caravan is allowed. However, a maximum of 4 rods may be used simultaneously when fishing from a boat with only one bait per rod.

Youngster up to the age of 16 are allowed to fish for free with handheld rods.

There is a maximum catch per person and day of 3 for the following species; pike, zander and trout. Species Minimum Size Maximum size

SpeciesMinimum sizeMaximum size
Pike40 cm80 cm
Zander45 cm70 cm
Trout40 cm70 cm
Eel70 cm